Greg Beauchamp

Founder, Managing Director

Greg founded The Bindery to provide a script to screen creative studio focused on crafting elevated content for brands, as well as a place to develop its own original concepts.

Greg’s passion for aesthetic and motion as not only an art form, but a storytelling strategy, drives the vision for The Bindery. He’s produced award winning films, TV spots, and an immense amount of branded video content.

Greg studied Producing at NYU and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of TCU.

Matt Campbell

Executive Producer

Matt has the unique ability to seamlessly move between the creative and the technical.

Adept at building and leading creative teams, Matt’s just as talented framing a shot, illustrating characters, creating complex animation, or directing multi-camera live music shows.

Prior to joining The Bindery, Matt was the Director of Video for Billboard Magazine, where his content gained over 300 million total views.

Matt studied Film and TV Production at NYU.

Carter Collins

Executive Producer

Carter brings a diverse storytelling skill set to The Bindery, leading our projects with a sharpened sense of what works creatively on screen and strategically for a brand.

His work ranges from documentaries to commercials to digital experiences, and has earned numerous industry awards including a Cannes Lions Grand Prix.

Prior to joining our team, Carter led accounts, as well as marketing and business development at Johannes Leonardo, working with brands like adidas, Coca-Cola, Google, Nike and Sprite.

He studied Journalism at the University of Kansas and is a total documentary nerd.

Myriam Schroeter


Myriam has worked on large-scale commercial productions for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

A strong voice in the Women in Film movement, Myriam produces original content as well – her most recent feature netted the Audience Award at SXSW.

Before making the jump to commercial and film production, Myriam was on the content team at Amazon.

She studied Communication and Spanish at Northwestern, is trilingual, and loves winter surfing.

Kristine Tsui


A lover of design, photography, film and advertising, Kristine excels at helping us craft beautiful content for brands. She’s incredibly hands-on – grabbing a camera to get the shot, diving into an edit, or helping design and animate graphics.

Her multi-disciplinary skillset landed her on Variety’s Top 100 Students to Watch and the back cover of the Hollywood Reporter in the same year.

Kristine graduated from Ithaca College where she studied Integrated Marketing Communications.

Jeff Chan


Jeff joined The Bindery in 2012 and quickly became the creative horsepower behind some of our largest content campaigns. His style is as diverse as his skillset – crafting our most successful comedic content, while also coaxing out emotional performances from actors and documentary subjects. His goal is to give each story the humor, passion, emotion, and honesty it deserves.

Jeff is currently leading our development effort on a feature film comedy about weddings, which he’ll direct. Jeff studied Film & TV Production at NYU and splits his time between LA and NYC.

Eric Ryan Anderson


Eric strives to create authenticity and humanity through his work. His incredible sense of tone and visual composition has resulted in a diverse career as a Director and Photographer. One day he’s in L.A. shooting Oprah for The Hollywood Reporter, and the next day he’s filming a ranch hand in rural Texas for a personal film. With each effort, his aim is to get to the heart of the subject and connect on a human level.

Spanning from sport to music, fashion to lifestyle, Eric has shot and directed for iconic publications and brands. He hails from the great state of Texas and splits his time between NYC and Nashville.

Kat Glazer

Associate Producer

Kat is a master planner. She keeps us on schedule, crewed up and doing our best work.

She joins us after a stint at Impractical Jokers and NorthSouth Productions where she developed an endless curiosity and passion for storytelling.

After spending most of her life on the stage, she hung up her metaphorical tap shoes to join the ranks of NYC’s greatest in video production. She’s a Florida State grad and proud of it!

Matt Dunne

Head of Post-Production

Matt holds our post workflow together and is the guardian of our vault. He’s also an accomplished editor with the best bedside manner in the business.

Matt cut his teeth in some of the most high-pressure post-production environments. Starting his career in news, Matt developed an incredible ability to manage complex projects on intense deadlines.

He pairs that with a genuine love of creative storytelling and technology.

Vanessa Appleby

Senior Motion Designer

Vanessa is the creative force behind our design and animation offering. A master of both motion graphics and character animation, she leads projects ranging from motion design systems to animated spots.

A regular renaissance woman, she enjoys everything from making tiny houses to creating tuxedos for cats.

Vanessa studied Film, Animation, & Video at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Grayhmn Jennings


Grayhmn began his career on the production side, working on iconic shows like “Lost” and “Mad Men,” as well as in the visual effects department for films like “Planet of the Apes” and “Hunger Games.”

As a result, he has a deep understanding of the full creative process, and adept at turning raw footage into a polished story.

Grayhmn hails from Hawaii and spends his free time writing music and exploring offbeat travel destinations.

Steven Stauffer

Shooter, Editor

Having started his career as a lifestyle photographer, Steven brings his eye for composition and ability to capture the energy of the moment to our projects. You’ll often see him sprinting around football players, on stage at a concert, or laying in the streets of New York City – whatever it takes to get the shot and build the scene.

Steven also has a keen sense for the rhythm of a story and how to build tension through moments. He applies those skills in the edit room and crafts pieces that range from sharp to ethereal.

Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Steven now resides in Brooklyn.