Birchbox collaborates with Olivia Wilde

Birchbox partners with Conscious Commerce, a site dedicated to connecting people with brands and (amazing) products that give back, to put together our latest Limited Edition Box. In this video, actress Olivia Wilde and Barbara Burchfield—longtime best friends and founders of Conscious Commerce—team up to show you all the products in the box and explain the charitable aspect of each one, from a handmade hat that helps employ and empower women in Uganda to a sleek notebook that helps teachers in public schools fund creative projects for their classes.

The 1975 has been on a meteoric rise since the pop-rock quartet’s self-titled debut album landed at No. 1 in the U.K. The group consists of Matthew Healy, Adam Hann, George Daniel, and Ross MacDonald.

As reported by Myspace:

Though the English band grew up in a small U.K. town, they’re heavily influenced by American culture, having shaped their sound from the greats, like Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. In advance of their self-titled debut out September 3, the foursome took to the charming little studio, The Log Cabin, to perform their sweet and poppy hits.


Benefit tasked us with creating a series of spots to boost awareness and sales for They’re Real Mascara.

We worked closely with Benefit’s internal creative and digital teams to arrive at a found footage approach, focused on the absurdity of false lashes. Within only a month, the videos gained over 4 Million views on Facebook alone, and went on to be featured on Reddit, Imgur, and Buzzfeed. Even Ludacris posted.

We collaborated with GameChanger to develop a campaign to celebrate coaches. Shot across 5 sports programs in 3 states, our goal was to pay tribute to the men and women who show us so much more than just the game.


Executive Producer: Greg Beauchamp

Director / DP: Eric Ryan Anderson

Director of Strategy: Zach Lev

Add’l Camera: Steven Stauffer

Editor: Matt Dunne

GNC’s new broadcast campaign celebrates 80 years of quality life and quality products.


A look behind the scenes:







Executive Producer: Greg Beauchamp

Producer: Bo Armstrong

Director: Eric Ryan Anderson

DP: Guy Godfree

Editor: Conor McBride

Composer: Nicholas Wright

Colorist: Colin Travers

Sound Design: One Thousand Birds

Location Sound & VO Record: Silver Sound

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.12.56 PM copy

Packing for travel shoots.



For Birchbox’s launch in Gap stores, they wanted to create a series of animations that would grab the shoppers attention, educate on the offering, and inspire them to pair beauty with summer styles.


As reported on Cool Hunting
Rosati enlisted the help of New York–based production and creative services firm The Bindery to execute her vision. Written and Directed by Michael Goldberg, whose credits include work on Sesame Street, and produced by the firm’s founder, Greg Beauchamp, the duo cite vintage Looney Tunes cartoons and the Animaniacs’ segment “Good Idea, Bad Idea” as inspiration. As Goldberg explains of the process, “The goal was to do these as completely silent spots. Just visuals and music, so if it’s sad, it’s extremely sad. If it’s happy, it’s extremely happy.” Message received loud and clear: happy happens in Australia.


Matchbox – "Imagine" from The Bindery on Vimeo.

Matchbox imagines the admissions office of the future. From media rich experiences that show the full potential of an applicant, to complex behind the scenes analytics, Matchbox is streamlining the admissions process.

Our references for the spot were the iconic Heads Up Displays from "Minority Report" and "Iron Man," along with the inspirational AT&T "You Will" commercials of the early 90's.

Matchbox imagines the admissions office of the future. From media rich experiences that show the full potential of an applicant, to complex behind the scenes analytics, Matchbox is streamlining the admissions process.

Our references for the spot were the iconic Heads Up Displays from “Minority Report” along with the inspirational AT&T “You Will” commercials of the early 90’s.

Summer with Bonobos – :30 Spot from The Bindery on Vimeo.

A 30 second spot for Bonobos' summer line, highlighting the bold, vibrant colors perfect for a day in the sun.

Supporting Bonobos’ release of its Summer Collection, this :30 Spot brings to life the energy and lightheartedness that have come to characterize the brand.

This video celebrates the opening of Chobani's first physical store in SoHo, aimed to enhance and personalize the customer experience outside of the grocery store.

Chobani’s Soho Cafe is quickly becoming a neighborhood hotspot. The cafe’s menu features yogurt creations made from hand-selected, artisanal ingredients.

The video aims to capture a day in the life of this bustling cafe – featuring real moments with real customers.

Rebecca Rebouche, a native Louisianan living and working in New Orleans, creates nostalgic, emotive and whimsical art of paint, mixed media and stitched soft sculpture; a practice best described as contemporary folk art.

Guy Godfree was tapped to lens this story of the inspiration behind her collaboration with Anthropologie.



Cinematographer: Guy Godfree

Production Services: Greg Beauchamp

Following the success of last year’s April Fools video, The Girlfriend Jean, Bonobos tasked us to poke fun at the wearable technology craze. Working with their internal brand team, we imagined all the ways in which a shirt could use artificial intelligence to ultimately ruin your life.

The reception was warm:

“The future of wearable technology is here, and it’s F*CKED” – Esquire

“Wearable tech-clothing that connects you socially to a psychopathic artificial intelligence” – AdWeek

“Bonobos’ New Techstyle Line is So Smart It’s Terrible” – BostInno

Our first in a series of films for Jack Black to help guys get the most out of their hair products. These hair promos are meant to inspire and excite the average man to get off his butt and become a regular hair doer.

Jack Black challenged us to create a unique visual language for their new line of men’s hair care products.


Technology is changing everything—from how we listen to music and socialize with friends to how we think about our health and our futures. Code has become so ingrained in everything we do that most professions have become in
erently technical. The goal of Flatiron Pre-College Academy is to give students fluency in this crucially important language—and to inspire them to explore their individual passions with code.


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In early 2014, we ventured to Iceland, where we filmed a pilot for The Travel Channel. Along the way, we saw some incredible things and met some incredible people. Check out our Trailer for “Big Planet, Small World”