On Location: Sting

When asked if you’ll take on a photoshoot for Sting’s new album with Eric Ryan Anderson over Fourth of July weekend, the answer is always HELL YEAH! Even when it means showing up at 3AM to hose down 57th Street in NYC.

Sting’s newest album – 57th and 9th – is scheduled for release this November. Named after the walk he takes to his studio every morning, we doused the street with water and showed up extra early to capture the unbeatable vibes of a sunrise in the city.

Later, we ventured over to Canoe Studios in Chelsea for a few more intimate shots. We were lucky enough to get a little sneak preview of the album during the shoot when Sting whipped out his guitar for an impromptu jam session.

Here are just a few shots from this amazing day with a true legend (and all around awesome guy).


Photos by Eric Ryan Anderson

BTS Photos: Grayhmn Jennings

Producer: Bo Armstrong