Case Study: BOSE Super Bowl Fantracks

We teamed up with 360i and Music and Strategy before Super Bowl 50 to help Bose turn competitive Twitter banter into music. With #LetsHearIt, we took real tweets from real fans and turned them into some sick jams. Luckily we managed to shoot this Fantracks Intro video the day before New York was buried under Snowstorm Jonas.


We filmed these Rapid Response videos in the beautiful Bose Studio and showcased Bose’s ability to make anything sound amazing; even in 140 characters. Between designing, shooting, and editing the videos, our team managed to churn out twenty totally unique videos over twelve different music genres and released them live with only an hour of turnaround time! The videos were even featured on Ad week and The Drum. Check out some Bindery faves.



Fantracks Intro

Director: Raul B. Fernandez
Producer: Bo Armstrong
DP: Lance Kuhns

Rapid Response Videos

Director: Matt Campbell
Producer: Bo Armstrong
DP: Guy Godfree